Dr.  Şerife Yerlikaya

She completed her undergraduate in Faculty of Art and Science, department of Biology, Abant Izzet Baysal University (Turkey) in 2013 and gained her master’s degree in Biochemistry and PhD degree in Genetics and Bioengineering in 2019. Immediately afterwards, she was appointed as Assistant Professor in Istanbul Medipol University in the institute for health science and technologies. During her research in the lab, she mainly focused on to the effects of combinations on apoptosis and several intracellular signal transduction pathways related to ion channels in breast cancer cells. She used bortezomib (a proteasome inhibitor) and BAPTA (a cell permeant Ca2+ chelator) on 4T1 breast cancer cells. At the same time, she became increasingly aware of the ‘neuroscience’ approach and the burgeoning field of ion channels and cancer. In November 2022, she attended to Dr. William Brackenbury’s Lab at University of York as a postdoctoral researcher with a project funded by Turkish Scientific Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK-2219). She continues to work on voltage gated sodium channels (VGSCs) in metastatic breast cancer cells targetting to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and to reduce its neuropathic impact.