Muhammed İkbal Alp

Muhammed İkbal researches the neuroendocrinological mechanisms behind the vegetative functions necessary for the continuity of life, especially hunger-satiety, sleep-wake and thermoregulation.

Muhammed İkbal, who specialized in digital arts in the 90s, worked as the founding partner and creative director of an agency that produces concept design solutions for corporate companies for more than 20 years.

Meanwhile, he was interested in the ergonomic, durable and aesthetic structure of the human body and decided to study medicine and graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical School in 2010.

Continuing his graduate education in physiology, Muhammed İkbal focused on neuroscience and completed his doctorate under the supervision of Deniz Atasoy with his thesis on Hunger Neurophysiology.

He established Q-Lab, an Electrophysiology and Behavior Laboratory, in which advanced neurophysiological technologies such as optogenetics and chemogenetics are used, in order to examine the specific functions associated with the neural loops and projections in the hypothalamus in his postdoctoral research, within the body of Medipol University SABITA.

Muhammed İkbal, who is trying to understand the working principles of the brain regions that carry out autonomous functions with his studies in his laboratory, on the other hand, is the founding leader of the Future Science movement, which carries out open academy activities for the construction of a scientific society in which hypotheses about the future are produced by increasing the interactions between different disciplines.